Why your child has difficulty in getting along with friends

Interaction with others is the skill that your child must have. As parent you have to apply certain ways, so that your child is able to communicate and interact with her peers. The first goal is your child should be able to make friends with the entire family members. In many families, this is not a problem because your child is among the people who love and care her so much. However, there is a chance that she cannot interact with people outside the family members. Notice whether she does not want to shake hand or say “hey” to the other people she meets. Actually, it is normal for a toddler or children under eight years old to feel strange in a new location and situation. This makes her adapt first before deciding to communicate and interact with others.

But, you need to worry when you often notice that your child keep silent and does not want to get along with the other children. This can be the sign that your child has problem in the social interaction. She sometimes also feels afraid to go somewhere she does not know before. In this case, there are several things that may be the cause of your child behavior. The first possibility is your child is often mocked or insulted by her peers. Surely this is a problem not only for your child but also for you. In her environment, there are lots of peers in different characters and backgrounds. If one or two of them often insult your child, she can be affected and tend to avoid interact with her friends. In this case, you need to communicate deeply and tell your child to ignore every negative thing she got. Guide her to increase her self confidence.

The second possibility is you are the source that makes your child has difficulty in her social interaction. Remember whether you often prohibit her in doing something she wants or not. Or, you sometimes frighten her about something bad might happen. Surely, what you are doing is the trigger why she cannot interact easily. Perhaps you will say that your love is above all. But, frighten her too much affects her character negatively. In your parenting style, it is important for you to give opportunity for your child to speak and express her opinion. If you do not give this chance or force your child to obey everything you say, she will be in stressful situation and avoid interacting with others. The reason is she believes that she will be forbidden in doing something, even something positive. That is why you have to evaluate the parenting system you have applied so far, so that your child has the opportunity to communicate and interact with her peers nicely.