Try hard to be perfect parents

When you hear the word perfect, you probably think that it is the most impossible thing happens in the world. So far, people have believed that nothing can be perfect except God. What about in parenting world? Can someone be a perfect parent? In this case, you need to believe that being a perfect parent is very possible to happen. It depends on you whether you want to work and try hard or not. The reason is you and your couple are the ones who are responsible to the success of parenting style you apply to your kids. Indeed, environment and the people around your kids affect their physical and emotional growth, but you have the biggest responsibility in parenting your kids.

Start to remember the way your parents parented you. It can be a little bit difficult because there is a chance that you cannot remember the entire things happened twenty or thirty years ago in detail. You do not have to worry because you are supposed to remember how your parents treated you in the weekend, holiday, during the difficult situation, doing the homework, etc. The point is you should remember the positive things your parents had done to you and your siblings. Those things should inspire the way you treat your kids. Remember the way you mom smiled and greeted you in the morning, served delicious breakfast, talked to you calmly, and gave big applause on your graduation day. The positive things you have got in your past should be things put on your parenting style to your kids.

If you want to remember the negative things from your past, you will get some advantages. First, you will directly realize that those actions cannot be applied to your kids. Second, you are going to search the better way to educate and parent your kids. And the last, you become the better person since you stop the negative things happen on your kids. Learning from the past can be the way you do to be perfect parent. The parental mistakes happened in the past should be avoided being repeated. This is surely not easy for people who had negative childhood. However, your kids deserve to get the best from you. So, you have no reason for not trying hard to maximize your effort to be perfect parent for them.