Help your child to eat well

In a year, there will be many occasions that you have to attend with your child. For example, you are invited to attend the baby shower, Thanksgiving dinner, birthday party, Valentine’s Day celebration, Christmas dinner, Wedding party, and many more. Being one of the invitees will make you happy because it means that you are the one who is respected. They are also the occasions where you can meet other people you rarely meet. If it is family gathering, imagine your happiness to meet family members you haven’t seen for long time. but, your happiness can turn into sadness when you see your child behave badly during dinner or the party. She may not be able to apply the table manners very well, but at least you need to make sure she behave and eat well.

That is why you have to start to introduce the table manners as early as possible. It does not mean that you teach her the detail, but the first thing she has to understand is the food is not a toy. She must not play with the food. Notice the way she eats and remind her when she starts to play with the food. Also, you need to explain that she has to respect the food since it does not come easily. Many children outside cannot eat properly like her. It is expected that she is going to follow your direction step by step. The rules you have applied so far should be obeyed every meal time. Guide your child to use fork, knife, and spoon every day. There is a chance that sometimes she fails in using the fork. You do not have to worry about that. As long as you keep training your child, she will learn step by step.

What mostly happen is the food is scattered around the plate. If your child is under three years old, it will be fine since she does not have good coordination yet. Her hand is not accustomed to hold fork and spoon, so that she cannot eat like the adults. However, more than six years old child should not eat that way. She has to be trained to hold the spoon well and avoid spilling and scattering the food. When you have breakfast or dinner with your child, you have to give example of the way to eat properly. Remember, you are the role model and your child will imitate the way you eat. The more complicated table manners can be trained to your child when she is more than eight years old.